What´s robots and the Human?

Robots And The Human is a Digital Art project in which artist Velvet Francois portrays a fragment of his life in an illustrated soundtrack.


The collectible NFT characters and scenes that appear in the story belong each to a chapter from the first collection called Gourmet Selfishness.



This album contains 13 songs. With every NFT purchase, the collector receives a fragment of that song. 

What´s the story about?

Velvet Francois gets more and more disappointed by

other close humans who behave in a selfish way.


On a stormy evening he plays the drums with sadness and frustration to relieve his tension. When an Hypersonic thunder bounces into his roof antenna and amplifies his emotional rage as a distress signal into infinity. 


 This message is picked up near Planet Earth by an unknown Hypersonic spacecraft crewed by two robots: 

Go2pee and Mr. Atomic. 


Brought straight to Velvet Francois by the signal, 

at this moment the only way to communicate with

each other is to play music together. 


Fulfilled by the sound waves they generated together like a mother tongue, they begin an intergalactic journey to collect further Hypersonic devices to heal human isolation and bring back the joy of making music together.  


On their trip they will meet all sorts of interstellar characters,

with whom they also only communicate through music.

Velvety adventures begin. 



What´s the aim of the project?

The proceeds from the NFTs will be reinvested for the further development of the project and its future rollouts:


· produce Gourmet Selfishness in community with other musicians and close humans translating it from digital into analog


· create a short film to tell the story of the soundtrack in moving images


· contribution to the Art & Music culture of society


· combination of the two life passions: music and illustrations


Gourmet selfishness

Sometimes selfishness can help us not to explode,

but at the same time separate us from what makes us Human... Community.  

Gourmet Selfishness is a critique of Individualism expressed in art and music. While a taste of selfishness is one way to understand what makes this behavior so common. 

Chapter.01 "Velvet Francoise"

“The song that triggered all”


The Robots are transporting a very special device -

The Hypersonic Drum. Suddenly, they are being chased by a Drum Pirate who is willing to take them down to keep the package. Almost spontaneously they improvise an escape maneuver near a powerful magnetic field that reacts with the device they are carrying, throwing them off course and spewing them out of hyperspace somewhere near Planet Earth.



Characters Chapter.01